Friday, May 1, 2009

Lima Smells Like Saltwater

Finally I set foot on South America! There was so much fog coming into Lima that we could hardly tell when we were about to land. As much as all of us couldn´t wait to get off the plane after sitting still in uncomfortable seats for six hours we were forced to wait before Peruvian doctors (donned in white coats and white medical masks) came aboard and made sure none of us were carrying the swine flu virus. Not sure what they were looking for exactly. I mean I have successfully faked sickness throughout middle and high school. I´m assuming it may be possible to feign health right? As we disembarked we passed by many airport employees each wearing this mask. Ok now I was starting to feel a little insecure. There were literally hundreds of people waiting outside to pick up customers. I look through the crowd until I finally see my guy holding up my name. In Lima the air smells like sea, salty a little musky and just a bit humid. The airport is near the biggest port in Peru, which may be why there is a slight scent of industry in the air. Fog covers the streets. The cab driver decides to drive along the beach in order to avoid the traffic lights. All we could see was endless darkness. Can´t wait to see it in daylight.

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  1. Love it...The Whitecoat n mask people are your Friend Eli!! ha~!