Friday, May 1, 2009

Two Men Spotted In Tutus At Newark Airport - Swine Flu Masks Everywhere

As per usual I was rushing to the airport, but as luck would have it, they tell me to cut everyone on the line. What can I say, sometimes it pays to be late. While sitting at the terminal, bored and anxiously awaiting to board the plane, I notice two grown men wearing pink, Disney princess dresses. Why you might ask? Good question but it is one I cannot answer at the moment. Both dresses were frilly with poofy sleeves and lace trim. The dress pinched at the waist and flared out underneath. Let´s just say I´m almost positive one was a man, but the other princess clad individual was a bit more questionable. He had more delicate features and a daintier voice, although I´ve been fooled before. A good guess is that they are in their 50s. Ah yes and how can I forget the pictures of the Disney Princesses on the bottom. Two thumbs up for these guys. I hesitate to leave the house without concealer and these guys can do just about anything, it seems. I really wanted to ask them why they were wearing the dress of littl girls´ dreams, however I was too tired, anxious, and sleep deprived to attempt normal conversation. (If you can call talking to a grown man wearing a princess dress normal). It was too early in the trip for absurb encounters. I was still in Newark, New Jersey for crying out loud. Not to mention the pill my friend had ever so politely given me was starting to kick in. Take that fear of flying! Soon I entered my pill induced stupor.

In Newark there were some people wearing masks because of the fear of swine flu, but for the most part everyone seemed calm. Only a few people on my flight had the mask on however the guy next to me would not stop sneezing or coughing. Each plegm filled cough made me more and more nervous. The antibacterial gel came in handy, as I applied it every half hour and held a tissue to my face. All politeness went out the window as I turned completely away from him and avoided eye contact. It`s pig flu for crying out loud. Not taking any chances. At the Houston airport a good majority of people were wearing masks which didn`t help with my anxiety. Damnit for not thinking ahead and subscribing to mass hysteria.

Endless wandering around the airport as well as an impromptu call to a friend caused me to loose track of time. All of a sudden I hear my name over the loud speaker. I run to the terminal and apologize. While entering the plane I received lots of dirty looks from perturbed passengers. I could feel their disdain behind those blue medical masks. Their eyes were throwing tiny daggers.
Time for the other half of my plane fear pill.... mmm nice calm.

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