Monday, July 13, 2009

Bourdain is back

No Reservations is back! The excitement started to build when I saw the episode guide on the Anthony Bourdain website. Looks like he will be traveling to many interesting places for the second part of this season, including Chile, Australia, the Rockies, and Buffalo New York. Yesterday the Travel Network offered a No Reservations marathon. While I've seen most of the episodes, I still welcome the opportunity to watch them all day on a lazy afternoon. Anthony writes on his blog that he may or may not have gone to Kerala India, which is where a very close friend of mine is from, so naturally I have a lot to look forward to this season, and so does everyone else! Tonight Bourdain will be in Chile which means there will most likely be endless supplies of meat, fresh seafood and beautiful footage of Patagonia. Another episodethis season is dedicated to the outer boroughs of New York City, which are often forgotten by tourists, but happen to have some of the yummiest dishes and ethnic food that NYC has to offer.
Can't wait for tonight!!


  1. Haha, my boyfriend and I are obsessed with No Reservations... mainly because it's one of the few English-language shows we get here in Hong Kong!

  2. New episode tonight! He goes to the Rust Belt. Looking forward to it.