Thursday, June 25, 2009

I Am In Love With An Assassin

Before I get any phone calls from worried relatives, I want to state that I am not personally in love with an assassin, but rather I read an article about a British Journalist who fell in love with one. Phew, now that that's settled.

In this month's July issue of Marie Claire, journalist Jason P. Howe describes his pretty 'normal' relationship with a woman who was involved in a completely atypical situation. Below are Howe and his girlfriend Marylin.

I love Marie Claire, precisely because the magazine offers so much more than the typical women's magazine articles, you know the type, 'how to please your guy with just your pinky finger,' or 'the one day secret diet to loosing 10 pounds.' Marie Claire, along with the fluff pieces, offers stories about issues that concern people, especially women, from across the globe. One of the stories that really intrigued me a couple months ago, was regarding a group of women in India who were fed up with rapists, abusers, and corrupt officials getting away with their crimes, so naturally they took justice in their own hands and formed the Gulabi Gang, a group of crime fighting women. Talk about Batman with a twist.

Jason P. Howe's story is also pretty incredible. He was on assignment in Colombia and met Marylin. She invited him over to her house, where she lived with her parents and daughter. Soon they feel in love, not unlike many of us have experienced before. We have all kept secrets from our significant others at some point or another for fear of them judging us, however Marylin had a secret that would be hard for anyone to guess. She was an assassin for the paramilitary groups of her country. She killed on a regular basis, often brutally and with the intention to strike fear in others, which means that the bodies are often grotesquely displayed. Talk about a shocker for poor Jason. The article is intriguing however as Jason tries to grasp how the person he loves could kill with such disinterest and nonchalance. Click here to read the whole article.

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